Criminal Law

Wilkinson Throsby & Edwards can help you with your Criminal Law matters.  We have experience in the following areas:

  • Matters of dishonesty including armed robbery, fraud, break enter and steal, larceny and receiving and goods in custody.
  • Crimes of violence including murder and attempted murder, indecent and sexual assault charges, serious assaults, affray and violent disorder.
  • Drug offences including supply and deemed supply, possession of prohibited drugs, cultivatation and self-administering.
  • Firearm offences.
  • Traffic offences including  PCA/DUI (drink-driving) charges, speed/manner dangerous and menacing driving, negligent driving and point-accruing offences.
  • Street offences including offensive language, offensive behaviour and reckless damage.
  • Domestic and personal violence matters.
  • Licence appeals.
  • Victims Compensation.


We are located across the road from Bowral Police Station in Wingecarribee Street, Bowral, NSW 2576.


If you require any further information regarding any of the above please call us on (02) 4861 2499 or email us at

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