Probate and Estate Administration

Wilkinson Throsby & Edwards can help you with your Estate Planning needs.  We have experience in the following areas:

  • Taking executors and beneficiaries through the necessary steps for administering a deceased estate.
  • Advising upon the need for a Grant of Probate.
  • Drafting and lodging applications for Letters of Administration where the deceased did not leave a valid Will and their estate passes in accordance with the rules of intestacy.
  • Liaising with solicitors and accountants from other jurisdictions in administering the deceased’s worldwide assets.
  • Arranging for NSW Grants of Probate to be resealed in England & Wales to administer the deceased’s assets situated within that jurisdiction.


Disputed Estates including family provision claims

  • Advising executors and eligible persons about claims for family provision pursuant to the Succession Act 2006 and Family Provision Act 1982.
  • Acting for executors in defending and resolving claims made against the estate by eligible persons including spouses and de facto partners, former spouses and partners, adult children, grandchildren dependants and other eligible persons.
  • Advising potential claimants of their rights in relation to a claim for family provision and acting for them throughout the claim process.
  • Drafting and finalising documentation (including Deeds of Family Arrangement) recording settlement reached between the estate and a claimant.
  • Advising upon the validity and interpretation of Wills including consideration of issues including testamentary capacity and undue influence.
  • Assisting dependants with superannuation death benefit claims.


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